Did you know there's a lot more to Bananatag than receiving notifications on email Opens?

In fact, there's a whole new world ( Bananaland?) inside your Bananatag Account that you can use to your advantage.  Let's walk through some steps to see the advanced information you have access to when people open your emails.


Logging into your account is the first step.  The Dashboard has an overview of your activity to date and an activity graph for the last month, as well as your latest Tagged emails.  You can find basic stats on your emailing here, or click a Tag to see the details for that message.


The Tags screen gives you an overview of whats happening with your emails.  You can search for specific Tags in the top right, or flip through pages at the bottom right.

Clicking a Tag will bring up more information about that Tag.

Some Bananataggers, especially heavy trackers, like to turn Open Notifications off, and use the Tags screen for their Open information.  This keeps their inbox clean and lets them see groups of email activity at a glance.

Tag Details

Clicking a Tag will bring you to the details screen for that Tag. If you click the Opens drop-down you'll see all the individual opens for that email, as well as the location it was opened.

If you sent Hyperlinks in your message you'll see similar information under the link, as well as the number of times it was clicked.  Unfortunately, this link was never clicked...  You win some, you lose some.

All Opens

In the Opens section you'll see the time and date the email was opened as well as the location.  This can help you pinpoint who opened the email when sending to multiple contacts and also let you know if someone came back to the message later.  If you're interested in even more detailed information you can click Details on the right.

Opens from different IP addresses are color-coded so you can quickly see where they came from.  This helps show you at-a-glance that different people opened your email.

Open Details

Clicking the Details button next to an open will pop up more information about that Open, including whether it was a mobile device, the browser or email client, the operating system, and the location information of the Open. 

This information can really help you in your strategy. For example, you might find the best way to reach a specific contact is to email them at 6:00pm, since they open on their mobile, and then respond from a PC.  You might also find that you get a high percentage of opens from iOS devices, Oops! might need to rethink that Flash video...