Before emailing people we're often interested in a quick refresher on what the last correspondence was with the recipient.  We go to our inbox or CRM, do a quick search and then read back a few threads to familiarize ourselves before composing our new message.

Bananatag has built-in search features that let you check on the specific engagement on your previous emails.

You can Search by Tag, or by Contact.


You can search your individual tags from either the Dashboard or the Tags screen.  On both screens there is a box in the top right that allows you to search through all your tags.  You can search by Contact Name, Email Address, or Subject.

Once you've entered the parameter just click the Search Button to the right and Bananatag will display the results so you can hone in on the specific tags you're looking for.



The other option is to search or filter your list by Contact.  This is done from the Contacts page.  You can filter the list by Contact Name or Email Address.

As you type the list will be narrowed down.  The benefit to this approach is you can see statistics, like Open Rate, on that contact as well as bring up the entire Tag History for that contact by clicking on their name.  From the that individual contact screen you can then go one level further into the specific tags you sent and look at the individual details.

This feature makes it incredibly quick and simple to find and view an overview of a contact, while at the same time making the details easily available when you want them.

Quick-Search for Follow-up

Before emailing a contact it only takes seconds to see if you've emailed them before, if they opened any of the emails, what links you sent and whether or not they clicked any of them;  This makes the search tool incredibly powerful in helping to determine the best way to follow up with contacts.  It's not always easy remembering who clicked what and when, so give the search a try and give your brain a bit of a break.