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5 Cold Email Templates That Turn Your Contacts Warm As Toast

Cold emailing can be a tricky game to play, especially when you’re using the wrong format to close that big sales deal. Hopefully your email gets opened and read. And the ultimate goal? Getting a response. With spam crowding inboxes and busy prospects instantly deleting unfamiliar emails, that goal often seems impossible. But with┬áthe basic […]

New: Email Templates for Gmail

No more copying and pasting. Ever. We’ve added insanely fast email templates to Gmail! Templates allow you to automate your outbox and see how specific templates perform over time. These new features bring the emails you send most often just clicks away from compose. Ideal for┬ásalespeople, email templates are also perfect for anyone that wants […]

How I Improved my Cold Emailing Game

Technical recruiting in the Silicon Valley is a full contact sport. Skilled candidates are difficult to engage and highly sought after. Working as a technical recruiter at Glassdoor and VMware it was normal to spend most of the week building a prospect list of a few hundred technical candidates. After spending much of my time […]

Closing Deals with Email Tracking

Many of our sales users love Bananatag for their prospecting and qualification of leads, early on in the sales cycle. Of course, your team doesn’t stop tracking their emails there. This article is about using email tracking later on in the sales cycle, to close deals with prospects who’ve already expressed interest in buying. These […]

5 Tips for Perfect Timing in your Sales Funnel

Timing is a key factor at every aspect of the modern sales funnel. From reaching out to new leads to finalizing details on a proposal and closing the sale — sales is a delicate balance of finely tuned messaging and great timing. So how can anyone practice perfect sales timing, all of the time? In […]